Hommage a Mozart
Photo: Martin Ksinan

with Martina and Chris Jarrett

This first pianistic collaboration of the couple Martina and Chris Jarrett is made up of newly-interpreted piano music by Mozart, but also of new works inspired by the mastery of the Austrian composer. Each playing solo, the internationally admired pianist Martina Cukrov-Jarrett reinstills chosen Sonatas and Fantasies with energy and warmth, while Chris Jarrett performs his newly commissioned compositions: intellectual and emotional representations of his personal "sense of Mozart."

Martina Cukrov-Jarrett's Mozart interpretations are blessed with a high level of emotional intelligence and good taste. The courage and clarity of an individual concept are counterbalanced with an unwavering sense of the epoch.

Chris Jarrett's two compositions in honor of Mozart were commissioned by the Italian Mozart Society in 2014. "Hommage à Mozart" pours original music into Mozartian moulds, while "Rondo a la Woferl" unfolds - through development and improvisation - out of Mozart's original material.

YouTube: W. A. Mozart - Fantasy in c minor, KV 396 - Martina Cukrov Jarrett

"In appearance, restrained, simple and almost shy – but at the piano she was secure, expressive, aware and passionate."
Die Rheinpfalz

YouTube: Chris Jarrett - Rondò a la Wolferl

"When pressing the keys with such energy, such pianistic fury, but also with such brilliance and subtlety of attack, while virtually incorporating the bulky instrument ... [he awakens] associations to the mythical Centaur - half human, half piano ... full of fantasy, original, bursting with energy and technically perfect."
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung